Below is a sample of the Emilitsa dinner menu (please note: our menu changes often but the selections below provide a good example of what you can expect to see when you come to our restaurant)

Sample Dinner Menu



mezethakia (appetizers)

htenia meh ouzo 
maine day-boat scallops sauteed in a light ouzo-tomato cream sauce and finished with dodoni feta
kefalograviera meh syka saganaki 
pan fried sheep’s milk kefalograviera cheese with baby turkish balsamic peppered figs
octopothi tis skaras 
classic grilled mediterranean octopus drizzled with unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, served with tossed organic micro-greens and sesame toast
poikilia trio 
greece’s three best dipping spreads served with grilled pita
cucumber, dill and greek yogurt
red caviar pureed with lemon
grilled eggplant, tomato, herbs and unfiltered extra-virgin olive oil
lagos meh phyllo 
braised rabbit, spinach, feta, and roasted tomato rolled in layers of buttery phyllo pastry and served with a grain mustard-mythos beer reduction
layers of phyllo stuffed with spinach, feta and herbs, rolled into triangles
sikotakia tiganeeta 
lightly dusted all-natural fresh chicken livers served emilitsa style, sauteed with greek oregano and finished with a white balsamic vinegar beurre blanc
thessaloniki htipiti  
roasted yellow and red pepper dip with chillies, whipped dodoni feta, and grilled pita

salates (salads)

domata salata 
sweet local tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, garlic, and feta cheese tossed with unfiltered extra-virgin olive oil, and greek white balsamic vinegar
patzaria psita meh skorthalia 
organic roasted red and golden beets tossed with unfiltered extra-virgin olive oil and muscato vinegar, served with skorthalia, a potato and garlic puree


kreata (meat specialities)

popia meh patates psarion 
pan-roasted long island duck breast served with a balsamic reduction of Attiki honey, Metaxa and wild fennel pollen, duck fat roasted organic fingerlings and grilled asparagus
paithakia galaktos tis skaras 
marinated grass-fed grilled baby lamb loin chops, sauteed baby spinach, and a feta-parsnip potato mash drizzled with unfiltered extra virgin olive oil
hirino meh glykia patata 
grilled all-natural bone-in pork loin chop rubbed with greek mountain herbs, served over a sweet potato mash and topped with a caramelized red onion and shallot marmalade
kotopoulo souvlaki 
skewered and grilled free range all natural breast of chicken, sweet peppers and red onion, marinated in lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, greek oregano and garlic, served with spanakorizo and greek yogurt

hortophagia (vegetarian)

lahanika tou fourno 
oven roasted fall root vegetables seasoned and brushed with extra virgin olive oil and greek oregano served with greek yogurt, dodoni feta and assorted kalamata olives

psaria kai thalassina (fish and seafood)

tsipou´ra tis skaras 
whole daurade royale from the aegean, charcoal-grilled and simply brushed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice, served with saute´ed swiss chard and grilled summer and zucchini squash

greek comfort food

oven roasted organic eggplant layered and baked with an aromatic ground beef mixture and topped with a greek yogurt bechamel sauce
vithelo stifatho 
succulent local veal shoulder, slow-braised and pulled ragout style in an aromatic cumin-tomato sauce with baby onions served on a bed of imported pappardelle pasta, shaved kefalograviera cheese